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RG6 Gripper


The RG6 gripper is a collaborative End-of-Arm Tooling designed for a seamless integration with the collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots.

The RG6 gripper eliminates the headache by installation kits and works without any external cables, therefore any robot movement can be carried out without worrying about cable placement.

RG6 Collaborative grippers are the true Plug & Produce solutions. The fast installation and simple programming of the grippers reduces your deployment time by 30%.

The standard RG6 comes with safety shields and a single mounting bracket.

Features and Benefits

  • NO EXTERNAL CABLES: Free movement and allows full integration with UR3 infinite loop. No application time needed for cable dressing & handling.
    GRIP INDICATIONS: Automatic ‘Lost grip detection’, ‘grip detected’, ‘continuous grip’ and ‘measure_width’ detections eliminate the need to manually program these features.
  • AUTOMATIC TOOL CENTER POINT (TCP) CALCULATION: Simplifies programming and avoids time extensive workarounds. Robot arm movements are more accurate.
  • ADJUSTABLE FORCE AND STROKE: Gripping force from 25N to 120N and gripping stroke from 0mm to 160mm.
  • AUTOMATIC DEPTH COMPENSATION: Gripper integrated with arm motion to assure gripper fingers sweep in parallel across work surface. Dramatically simplifies programming and avoids time extensive workarounds.
  • MULTI-POSITION MOUNTING BRACKET: Mount gripper in arbitrary orientation. Enables user to adapt configuration to application, rather than requiring changes to applications.
  • ABSOLUTE WIDTH READ OUT IN MM: The gripper automatically detects the width at the start of the program, without initialization.
  • AUTOMATIC PAYLOAD CALCULATION: Simplifies programming and complies with standards.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FINGERTIPS: Quick finger change. Better grip and higher payload.
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